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Our Covington Frozen Pipes & Pipe Repair Team Keep Your Pipes Ready

Goodbee Plumbing provides the professional piping and repiping in Covington that you’re looking for. Pipes aren’t meant to last forever, as they are prone to rusting and deteriorating over time. When the day comes for you to change them out, it’s important to do so immediately, especially if having clean water and a perfectly-running plumbing system matters to you. Like any plumbing issue, nipping piping problems in a bud could save you months of headaches tracing back to them.

You’ll know when it’s time to repair or replace your piping, especially if:

When something goes wrong with your pipes, the Goodbee Plumbing team is here to get the issues fixed quickly! Request Covington repiping and piping services today by calling (985) 999-1297.

What to do when you have frozen pipes

1. Locate the frozen pipe - If you're unable to see the pipe itself, try turning on your faucets and seeing which pipes have proper water pressure and which are struggling. If little to no water is coming out of your faucet, the pipe leading to that faucet is likely frozen

2. Open both the hot and cold water that's the destination of the frozen pipe - This is to lessen the amount of pressure put on your pipes so that when the frozen pipes are resolved, the pipe doesn't burst.

3. Begin thawing - Starting from the section of the pipe closest to the faucet use the following items to heat the pipe: hair-dryer, space heater, electrical heating tape, or hot towels. Do not use a blow torch or an open flame as that's a fire hazard. If the pipe isn't in an accessible area, you can thaw the pipe by turning up the heater or using an infrared lamp.

4. Call in a member of our Covington frozen pipes team - Once your pipe begins to thaw, make sure to give us a call. If your pipe does burst, make sure to turn off the main water supply by the water meter.

Pipes Need Cleaning? We’ll Take Care of It!

A great majority of the area's piping problems are caused by blockages from tree and shrub roots, which eventually lead to a disrupted water flow and a slower draining process. Whether your pipes are clogged or unclean, our professional plumbers can make your life easier by taking care of the issues promptly. We are the area’s first choice for premium-quality services in Covington and the surrounding areas!

Goodbee Plumbing offers a broad range of piping and repiping solutions that are sure to satisfy your needs. Our team is licensed to install both copper piping and PEX piping systems. With our highly trained and skilled Mandeville plumbers tackling the headaches, we’ll have fresh water flowing through your pipes again in no time, and at a perfect pace! No matter how complex the pipe install or repair may be, we can handle it.

Leave it to Goodbee Plumbing to handle all your piping and repiping in Covington! Contact us online.