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Covington Leak Detection Services

If It’s There, Rest Assured that We’ll Find It!

Leaks sometimes appear in places you least expect. The Goodbee Plumbing team knows that the sound or feeling of water dripping from unknown places could drive a person nuts. Furthermore, when you’re unable to identify where a leak might be coming from, what appears to be a small issue could quickly turn into a major problem. Because of that, we provide thorough leak detection services to customers throughout Covington.

Comprehensive Leak Detection

Our skilled plumbers in Covington have over 25 years of experience spotting and putting an end to unexpected slab leaks in the area.

Our customers know who to call when they detect the following issues at home or their places of work:

We are confident in our abilities to find the smallest of leaks, from itty bitty cracks to tiny holes in the wall. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art solutions to help our customers inspect and patch up all types of areas dripping with water. Our leak detection services in Covington are not only high in quality, but also offered at a price you can afford.

Detect a leak in your property? Don’t hesitate to call Goodbee Plumbing! Give us a call at (985) 999-1297 to schedule your Covington leak detection service.

About Our Video Leak Detection Services

Goodbee Plumbing stays ahead of the curve by adopting cutting-edge plumbing technologies early on, including our video leak detection solutions. When customers call on our professional plumbers to find suspected leaks, we utilize camera equipment designed to fit inside the tiniest pipe holes, providing us with a clear view of where the leaks might be coming from without having to make a big mess. Video leak detection isn't the future—it's now! For 24-hour plumbing service, call us today!

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