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An important part of owning a home is knowing who to call when you need help. Your plumbing system is essential for your daily routine. From taking a shower to cleaning dishes, and even for drinking water! Because of this, dealing with a plumbing repair can put a hamper on just about everything. Luckily, our staff at Goodbee Plumbing Inc. is here to help. As your trusted Jefferson Parish plumbing company, we’ve been serving the community for offer 25 years. We’re a family-owned business focused on customer satisfaction. All our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and guarantee 100% workmanship!

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Why Hire Plumbers for Drain Cleaning?

A clogged drain is likely one of the most common plumbing problems. They can happen in kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and even outdoors. While chemical cleaners can sometimes help with small problems, they can also be damaging to your plumbing. Instead, opt for professional drain cleaning.

Our Jefferson Parish plumbers use the latest techniques to remove even the toughest clogs effectively. In many cases, we start with a video inspection, which allows our technicians to get an inside look at your plumbing. These cameras are safe on your pipes and can smoothly run through much of the system.

Once the clog is found and assessed, we start the drain cleaning process. Generally, an auger can help push a hole through the blockage, allowing the water to flow through and remove the rest of it. However, if that doesn't work, we also have high-pressure water jets to blast away any blockage.

How Can Backflow Affect Your Home?

In basic terms, backflow is when the flow of water is reversed in your home. Instead of pumping wastewater out, it can flow back into your home, contaminating your water supply in the process.

This issue can be caused by:

  • A burst water main

  • An open fire hydrant

  • Damage at the main plumbing facility

  • Issues with your irrigation system

One way to protect your home is with a backflow prevention device. These systems connect directly to your water main and seal off your home if there is a drop in pressure. At Goodbee Plumbing Inc., we are Jefferson Parish backflow certified and can help ensure your home is up to code.

Expert Leak Detection & Repair

Still hearing the sound of running water after you closed the faucet? This is one of the earliest signs of a water leak. This issue can quickly increase your utility costs, cause unseen damage, and even lead to mold growth! At Goodbee Plumbing Inc., we're here to help. As your trusted Jefferson Parish leak detection experts, we use the latest technology to accurately locate leaks. While a leaky faucet is easy to notice, leaks can also be found behind walls, under your home, and inside cabinets. Not only will we find your leak, but we will also provide a long-lasting leak repair.

With over 25 years of local experience, we make quick work of your plumbing needs. Call (985) 999-1297 anytime to get an estimate.

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